Optomap Ultra-widefield Photography

The retina, is critical to eye health. Doctors use a number of techniques to examine the retina including looking into the eye, usually after dilating and the use of special cameras for imaging inside the eye. Until recently, most ophthalmic cameras could only photograph about 20% of the retina at a time. We now know that many eye diseases occur or begin at the outer edges of the retina, (“the periphery”), so examining this area is extremely important.

Because seeing the entire retina is so important at Alameda Vision, we have invested in the most advanced camera for ultra-widefield photography. In a single, quick shot, this camera produces “Optomap” photos of about 82% of the retina. These Optomap images provide superior visibility of the retinal periphery, allowing us to see, document, show you, and follow pathology that could not be seen with traditional eye cameras.

The Optomap exam is quick and painless and combined with the thorough eye exams our doctors are trained to provide, this advanced technology offers a new level of diagnostic confidence. We are proud and happy to offer this service to our patients.

For more information on the Optomap please visit the Optomap website: http://www.optomap.com/en-US/optomap-Retinal-Exam/